Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursdays are for thrifters

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This is a fun blog and I love Thursdays are for thrifters.
I will admit this is a picture I used a few months ago.  I just didn't have it in me after working 10 1/2 hrs to try to do new shots.
I was planning on wearing this outfit this weekend at the cabin.  But, now I find I may have to work...........Not a happy dress up Barbie right at this minute.
Work is over rated.  When you really think about it you only need money for a few things like food, Son's Purdue tuition, mortgage.......Crap! I guess it's not over rated but necessary.
So to all of you working women..........Blog, it makes it all better.

This is head to toe thrifted.  Here is a breakdown.  
From Goodwill 
skirt 1.50
crochet cami 2.50,
denim jacket 2.50 
Goodwill version of flatforms 2.50.
Jewelery and purse thrifted from who knows where


  1. wow, i LOVE this outfit! i'm especially appreciating that great crochet tank! you look fantastic in this one!

  2. lovely, especially the details on the cami. The wicket bag is so beautiful too!


  3. That crocheted camisole is gorgeous! Super jealous of that find!

  4. I love your purse...I am a big fan of wicker purses! Debbie

  5. Debbie can have your purse. I will have your crochet cami, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh Love the whole oufit.
    Did you know that you have WORD VERIFICATION????Ahhhhhhhhhhh
    If you follow the instructions in my post you can easily get rid of it.If you need any extra help just shout.

  6. See if I am spam or not, hehehheh
    You still have word verification. You haven´t deleted it.
    Have another go my dear friend, if only for the health of our sight, hehehhehe