Saturday, February 19, 2011

Spring is just around the corner

As much as I hate winters in the mid-west and long for spring..............  I just realized today that spring is indeed just around the corner.........Oh the horror, I'm not ready.  What should I do?  Join a gym?  Ride my bike to work(there isn't that much snow on the ground)?
Just as I was packing my gym bag I stumbled upon these adorable Capri outfits from Talbot's.   Thank you, thank you I'm saved.  These cuties should be able to get me thru August.  Ok, ok maybe into June.  That will give me time to get in shape and be ready to rock and roll.  If I can't get my pasty, slightly plump, thighs into shape by then well, I guess I deserve to wear sweatpants all summer.
So today is the day.......I'm getting ready now.  Getting ready to do what any self respecting women would do when confronted by a icky situation.  That's right you guessed.
I'm going shopping! Thank you Talbot's


  1. I have been to Talbot's a few times years ago and could never find anything for me but dang those outfits are CUTE. I may have to give them another look.
    Cheers from a fellow remixer,

  2. Bre,
    Thanks for stopping by. I didn't do to well on the remix. Tried, first bogged down by the not so photogenic thing. Then thru encouragement from another blogger I took pictures of myself wearing all of my outfits......then my damn camera broke.
    So I took that as a sign and declared defeat!
    Maybe next time as I am looking for a new camera with a tri pod.
    So cheers right back at you!

  3. Have no fear, Tammy, I never get those remix things right either! I'm either too late to post the clothes or some excuse. But I think they are great challenges--we all probably have too many clothes (dont let my husband know I said that!) Paula