Friday, December 2, 2011

Trending Through the Decades: Fur--Faux Real?

Welcome to the 11th. edition of the Trending link up.  The weather is getting colder for most of us so I thought it was about time to bring out the big guns..........Fur!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't have an opinion if it's real or faux.  And since I don't have an opinion and it's my blog, I think we should all just enjoy ourselves!

Growing up I was taught to gig frogs, lay out turtle bait  (I really don't want to talk about the turtle cleaning I was forced to do)  and I actually learned how to shoot a gun at the dump!  Even crying because my ears were ringing wasn't  a good enough excuse for my Dad to let me stop, I had to learn to shoot that gun.
I don't regret any of those things.  They made me strong and that's exactly what my Dad wanted to happen.
I eat meat, wear leather and I'm sure many things that I use on my face and body have been tested on animals.

So Bring on the fur and show us how your age decade styles the fall/winter seasons warmest trend.
All that I ask is that you please link back to my blog so other fashion forward ladies know where to find us and if it isn't to much trouble please add you age decade next to your name......ex:  Tammy (50's)

I've had this little beauty for around 10 years.  It's lambs wool with a mink collar.  It has the most beautiful lining. I'm sure the first owner was very proud to wear it as I am today.  It never fails to make me feel extra special.  But to be honest I don't really go to hoity toity places.    So when somebody comments I lead them to believe its faux.
There is nothing like a fur jacket or coat to jump start those jeans and boots.
So have fun.  Show us your fur jacket, vest, purse, boots or the latest in fur jewelry and hair accessories!

Have everybody has a good weekend......For me I'm home and it's time for flannel shirts and mucklucks!


  1. Tammy, I used to shoot years ago. My husband called me Annie Oakley because I was so good at hitting targets. I never shot anything live and don't think I could, but I did enjoy target shooting.
    I will definitely be linking up with you on this one!
    You look fab in this jacket with your lovely scarf. Is your jacket the curly lamb? I love that. I love fur coats both real and faux.

  2. Tammy, you look so great in jeans! Honestly, I think that's your signature dress them up so well! Hugs! ~Serene

  3. You look fantastic, Tammy - those jeans are perfection on you. I am not a fan of wearing real fur myself, but I do love a faux-fur jacket - so that's what I'm wearing in my link : >

  4. Great look, love the coat! :)

  5. that's a really glamorous fur coat! I love the color! The flared bottom jeans looks great on you. The scarf is just perfect!


  6. Lol I think its best we say its faux! I have a full length fox that is the warmest coat for our cold winters. Havent worn it in about 6 years because people hand out negative comments. I must confess--there is nothing warmer!
    Love your look!

  7. Tammy~will your email me your snail mail address? I'm at

  8. I *need* that scarf! I'm planning on taking my pictures faux fur pictures tonight!

  9. Sorry, can you clarify for me- you mean MY age decade (e.g. I am 30 so I'd say 30's) or do you mean the clothing age? (me being dumb sorry!)

    I'm similar to you on the fur issue! I adore furry stuff, so I'll definitely link to this when I can take another photo!

  10. Hi Tammy! was on Meagan's blog, spunky chateau and decided to join you ladies! I am also a new follower- Ariane xxxxx

  11. How did I miss on linking up to this fur challenge? Linking up my faux fur vest now! :) I'm a veggie so it's faux for me but I just love your fur as well-so glamourous!

  12. so glad i didn't miss this! i wore faux fur this week so i was able to link up!!!