Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blogging, vanity and yep turquoise!

I'm a pretty laid back person.  After I work 9 hours and after I take off all of the clothes, jewelry, makeup and shoes.......Yep, that's right I'm nothing but laid back!
Our Middle Son was home on leave these last two weeks.  I was fixing my makeup before going to the fireworks and he called me vain.  At first I was kind of hurt.  So I thought about it and replied.  "Everyday I try to look the best I can.  If I didn't you'd call me old".  He looked at me for a few seconds and nodded........
Point scored by the "old mom"!!!!!!!!!!
I have been thinking about the whole vanity issue since then.  Are we vain because we want to look our best?
Are we narcissistic because we put our pictures out there for anybody to judge?  All the time knowing it's rare for anybody to be critical.............I guess the blogging rule is "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything"
Kind of like that rule in my little blogging world.(If I knew how smiley faces would be inserted here)

I am linking up today with http://notdeadyetstyle.blogspot.com/.  Looks like fun, all I had to do was show what made me happy.  Now I know you don't want to hear about my three boys and my  wonderful husband (He really is 75% of the time)   So I guess I'll just focus on style.........And turquoise makes me happy.  I'm not even taking about the good stuff..................Just the color makes me smile.
So keep on keeping on and be the best you can be!

Me Being Me


  1. I think you look great--your boys should be proud! I love your positive attitude!
    jen (the yard sale mommy)

  2. I like your quick answer to your son, who has no way of knowing the pressure exerted on any of us to be presentable. I speculate that if we added up the time my husband and I spend on appearance, he actually spends more time.

  3. I love how you responded to your son. You look so put together every time I click on to visit you. You have great style and humor. Love this outfit on you...chic and sophisticated. Thank you for stopping by Tammy...I loved your comment!!! I am waiting to see your face on my blog as a little darling, darling. Dawn xo p.s. I hope that blogging is helping you get thru the rough moments after having lost someone so dear to you. xo

  4. you look awesome! and i don't think it should be thought of as vanity, but more that you actually care about what you look like. and i think that's important. because if it makes you feel good then that's all that matters (except that maybe it's nice to get a little compliment from the hubby or even fellow bloggers...it just adds a little happiness into life!).

  5. You are so wonderful Tammy!!!

  6. Vainity is excessive. I think putting on our best is more appropriate. When I go out with someone, it's nice to see the person dressed up his best because it shows that the person values my company. So your husband and sons should be happy that mommy is dressing up. My husband on the contrary enjoys dressing up so he understands :))) The only thing my guys don't understand is the need to blog for the whole world to see. Haha...to me blogging is a hobby just like watching soccer


  7. Tammy, I feel like taking care of myself I'm showing respect to the people around me. I'm telling them, "You're worth me fixing myself up for!" Vanity is when it's consuming. I'm sure I'm vain to an extent. I like looking cute and I slurp up the compliments like a Big Gulp from 7-11. But isn't that just being a girl!? Your son may tease you, but I guarantee you, he's proud to introduce you to his friends. To me, dressing up is just old school; people used to dress all the time even to just go to the store.

    I share your turquoise passion! I love the color and the stone!!! Hugs to you my friend!! ~Serene

  8. It's important to look your best, for me that's when I FEEL my best : ) Don't stop glamming it up!


  9. I have thought about this a lot too and wondered what people think of my blogging. Ultimately, though, I think since blogging makes me happy, it doesn't matter what anyone thinks. As far as being vain...it's a double-edged sword. It makes me feel good to look my best. Nobody wants to go out into the world looking bad because we know what we think when we see someone who doesn't take the time to take care of themselves. So, maybe it is vain in a way but it's also necessary to be accepted in society. You have to "get ready" to a certain extent.

  10. I don't think it's being vain. Taking care of oneself means loving oneself and to me that is important. Also, it shows that you care about others too, in making an effort to look nice for them. Love your outfit, too!

  11. My goodness, you were very diplomatic. I would have said something much ruder! I see nothing wrong with trying to look our best. Sometimes I do feel myself tipping into vain territory, but I try my best not to. Blogging certainly adds a new dimension to all of this, but I feel that there are vain blogs and not vain blogs, just as there are people of both sorts... A very thought-provoking post.

    P.S. The "old lady brigade" is more than welcome at my blog, of course! I enjoy yours and will be visiting again.xx