Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A Little Help From my Friends

Happy Tuesday everybody. A few weeks ago I told you I opened an Etsy shop. I'm excited to now say I've sold 3 nope 4 (just got another email)  items!  (See Green Tree Cabin tab at top of post) I know it's not a lot, but there is a ton of competition out there. So I'm pleased at this point. I will be headed to the post office this afternoon for my first official ship-off!

The title of this weeks post is about needing help. Well, here is my dilemma. This weekend I have a family wedding to go to. I have spent the last 12 weeks (to the day) in leggings, tunics and other various forms of comfy, cozy dressing. Heels are out of my life for now and maybe forever. I'll have to see how future recovery goes. I still have trusty Mr. Walker and hopefully soon, I'll move up to Ms. Cane.   Again, that's for the future to tell.

I just reminded myself to stop rambling and get to the point. My flat shoe collection is quite limited and I refuse add to a collection that I hate unless, I can thrift a pair of good quality. Otherwise, I will just have to deal with what I have. Ok, ok, back to the dilemma. Due to the shoe challenge and the fact that my right leg is still somewhat swollen I don't want to wear a knee length dress.  The females in my family have become used to me dressing in a certain way.  You know, with a little umph!  I don't want to disappoint them but I'm not quite sure how much umph I have right now.  I may be loosing my mind but, I have narrowed my selection down to two maxi's. Here is where the help portion comes in. I just tried on several options and if you have time I would appreciate you giving me your honest but nice opinion.  I can't handle mean at this point.

If all of the options I have listed get a thumbs down I can go the the little black or red dress.
Right now I don't feel like I have the confidence to pull off a look I've worn many times with my head held high. But at 54, I don't want to be seated at the Grandma table. It's bad enough having a personal four wheeled walking assistant let alone being put at the table where everybody leaves after dinner!  I swear if they put me at that table I'm pulling out the zip lock baggies and stocking up on beef and chicken!!!

So, bring it on sister chicks........Let me know what you think. I will decide on jewelry and accessories after I pick the dress.  I have a ton of options.  Keep in mind I have on no slimming garments and not a drop of makeup... (the reason for the shades!).  I don't even think I've brushed my teeth yet today! 

Well here goes..........The non embellished me!

#1  Pink scarf is tucked into belt (Apparently belt came un-belted)

#2 Black on black

#3 Pink shawl over gray

#4 Black and silver

#5 Black and gray


  1. they are all great but i like the black with the sequined sparkly top the best. it looks the dressiest of them all!!

  2. I agree black and silver! You are going to be a knock out!

  3. Hi Tammy!
    These are lovely options. My choice is the last one, the black & grey! It has that umph you're talking about in my humble opinion. Love the dress!

  4. I like the sparkly one too--but all look good.

  5. Tammy congrats on the etsy shop, I also love the sparkly and I am very drawn to the last outfit - it has umph ! Have a great time .


  6. Black and silver gets my vote!

  7. You look beautiful in these pictures, I particularly like that pink scarf.

  8. #4, Black and Silver. They all look great ... but here's my reasoning. I always like Black on Black, but it is sometimes construed (even subconsciously!) as disapproval. The silver makes it celebratory, and you look fabulous in it. I know you don't need nor did you ask for my styling advice, but here's a suggestion or two anyway. Push up those sleeves and put your most beautiful bangles or cuffs. Oooohhh... how about black or silver evening gloves? Admittedly a lot of this is a bit much, but being as fashion-assertive (within your comfort levels, of course) is a possible way to let them know you are not the grandmother-table type. Since all the seating will be decided before they get to see how fabulous you look, make sure that the bride (or mother-of-the-bride, wedding planner, or whomever is doing the seating) sees you post so they'll know your seating preferences!
    A last thought from my inner-self-involved-diva: if all else fails, and you get seated with all the very, very, elderly ... you will at least look magnificent and youthful and will shine brightly in comparison.
    Hope you got a chuckle ... and hope you have a fabulous time at the wedding! Also, congrats on your sales!!!!

  9. I read the post before this first so I had no input but boy do you look good in sparkly clothing. You are so funny. Also, where are you standing? I love that exposed wall. I love the option you went with, don't disappoint the women in your family...haha. dawn suitcase vignettes xo Also I am granting you the sunshine award on my blog today at some point. I hope you don't kill me. It's a lot of work so don't feel obligated, but I am sure your answers will be funny.