Thursday, September 13, 2012

Using Pinterest as your own Personal Stylest

If you've read my blog in the last few weeks you know that I am currently home bound with a broken hip.  It's hard to explain the helplessness you feel to go from a very active, wife, mother and full time employed "slave" to what feels like a little, old, cripple lady in a recliner with her side kick Mr. Walker.
I have combated those feelings by trying to keep a good attitude, getting dressed in comfortable street clothes and putting on make up everyday. My super power weapon is my sense of humor.  The other day I was able to sit and talk to a friend.  As I only have the stamina to be out and about for about an hour. I started rolling away with Mr. Walker and turned my head back and told her to bite my dust.  The whole room erupted in laughter! Suddenly, I didn't feel quite so pathetic!

I have been loving Pinterest for quite a while.  It took me a while to get my groove on the boards and what role I wanted it to play in my style decisions.  What I found out by picking out outfits that appeal to me and my lifestyle is that my style is actually changing.  I try to base my picks on my current style, new style ideas I would like to try, what items I already own and what items I would like to incorporate into my closet.
I don't worry what size or age these young ladies are.  Actually, that's irrelevant to me. We are all different ages, heights and weights.  We and only we should be the ones to make or break our own set of "fashion rules".  What I look for is the way the outfits are put together.  For example my whole life I was neurotic about mixing black and brown.  You know, black outfit should have black shoes and bag the same with brown.   Un-tucked shirts under sweaters forget about it.  Trust me, the list of what not to wear in my life goes on and on.  What I have found is I like these new looks.  And I have slowly started incorporating them into my style.  These are baby step looks.  I'm able to use items I already have but just mix them up a bit.

Some looks require a bit more creativity and alas, shopping.  Any of you that know me know that I am an avid thrifter.  I am fortunate to have a great thrift just a few blocks from my home and believe it or not that is one of the few places I've been to since my accident.  I'll be working towards another trip in the near future.  Will have to work on the Man for that trip since I can't even get there by myself!

At the end of the summer I felt my core style changing.  Nothing to noticeable.  I just found I was leaning towards more causal outfits than usual.  Casual has always been the hardest style for me to wear.  I never felt complete which made me feel vulnerable.  That may sound a little wacky but what else would you expect from me?  These last few weeks have made me come full circle to the casual look.  As long as it can be spiffed up with a scarf, fedora or any other accessory I'm loving it.

The way I use Pinterest is pretty simple.  Pin what I like to one of my inspiration boards and once a week or so review and put  outfits together for the week.  It's actually fun and somewhat like a little game or challenge.  Sometimes even like a scavenger hunt as I search for a certain item only to finally remember I donated it back..........I hate when that happens.

Current closet status and full embarrassing disclosure:

I have a pretty large walk in closet but, to my shame I am a closet slob.  Things tend to  be thrown here and there with a couple piles of jeans on the floor.  So currently it is really a no fly zone for me.  As in hazardous to my upright stance!  My Son's girlfriend is stopping by tonight I'm going to bribe her to help me clear out enough of a path so I feel safe..

So here's to putting some of the great looks on Pinterest to good use.  And while you are at it take a minute to clean your closet.  You'll thank me if you ever end up on a walker!


  1. Tammy--this put a smile on my face this morning!! I may have to look into using Pinterest in this fashion.
    Have you checked out Polyvore??? AWESOME
    Glad you are getting better!

  2. I'll try ANYthing to get my closet cleared out :)'s shameful!
    Good post!

  3. My closet isn't that big, but I tend to toss stuff in quite often. I do it more since my husband went to third shift and I have to put things in there very quitely while he is sleeping. That equals toss and run.
    I hope you are feeling better every day.
    I use Pinterest as a way to look at things that I cannot afford but really like. I virtually own them even though I don't IRL.
    It is funny that you say casual is hard for you when you do it so beautifully!

  4. It is so much fun to get inspired by Pinterest or other bloggers, then shop my closet and put together numerous new outfits without spending a dime. Of course, I still want to thrift for more... but when I got an urge the other day I went to my closet, came up with 4 new outfits (totally internet inspired) and, magically, my urge to shop was satisfied. This practice has really helped curb some of my unnecessary purchases.
    Good luck with your closet and style transitions. You always look great.

  5. If misery loves company, I've joined you. Broken wrist. Have noticed the changing style in your pins.

  6. We are slowly but surely converting a small bedroom into my walk in closet- I am a very messy person so we will see how that turns out!!! I never got into the Pinterest (probably because I don't need another online distraction!) but it sounds like it's really inspired you. Hilarious about the bite my dust comment- at least you're making light of the situation!

  7. You are so freaken funny still, thank God for your sense of humor keeping you going. Bite my dust is too funny. I pictured a cloud of dust coming from behind you as you walked away in your pj's. Don't ask me why. So funny. I love pinterest too and I agree that it is a great way to pull elements of a style comfortably into your wardrobe. Hope you get to go back to GW. I know they miss you there. Thanks for the laughs...needed that. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  8. I love that you are still so high spirited and have your fabulous sense of humor that I love. If I was there I would help you with your closet:) I am sorry I didn't know you had hip surgery. I hope you feel better each day!