Saturday, May 5, 2012

When Life is Out of Control

Hello, sorry for the unexplained absence from blog land. Three weeks ago our lives were turned upside down and blogging has been the last thing on my  mind.  At this time I can't talk about the crisis we are facing.  That is on the strong advise from the attorney.  I will ask that if you are a praying soul.  Just think of my family when you have your next chat with God.

A simple pin from pinterest sparked me today so I'll get right to it.  Not Dressed as Lamb pinned it. Her pins are always so creative.  In my next life when I am as she calls it 30 almost 40 I hope to be just like her.
The original pin came from I couldn't find the original picture on her site so I don't know who this beautiful young woman is and I am hoping I didn't break any rules.

If you know me you know that I am a die hard thrifter.  Well this outfit had my name all over it.  I actually had everything but the jacket/vest and the purse.  Those were scooped up this morning when I made a quick dash into GW for 50% off day.  (you know something isn't right when the girls at GW ask where you've been)

The inspiration photo has a long vest.  I knew I had to have a similar version.  What I found today was a Liz Claiborne anorak jacket. Which is a spring trend this year.   It has great details like the interior cinch rope and big beautiful silver snaps.  When I snatched it up the plan was to bring it home and immediately remove the sleeves making a vest.  The sewing machine was still out due to earlier pegging of the jeans I have on.
Now I can't decide.  It's really a cute jacket.  What would you do?

Hope all of you are well and as soon as I can be a part of the blog land on a consistent basis  I will.
I do miss all of my friends out there.
While previewing this post I noticed the pained look on my face.  That sums it up!

So here are the stats:
Jeans:  Riders, thrifted $3.50 and skinnied up by me
White button down:  J Crew, $2.50 thrifted
Jacket:  Liz Claiborne, thrifted $3.50
Purse: No name, thrifted $1.50 (I love this purse)
Scarf:  Target $14.00
Booties:  Target after $10.00 gift card $17.00

Inspiration photo


  1. Tammy, I hope your troubles pass quickly! I like how you've interpreted this look and especially your scarf. Hang in there...

  2. So good to see you, Tammy. I've been checking every day for you. My prayers are with you.
    The jacket...ohhh, it's so nice like it is. I'd be to chicken to cut it. Would probably just keep an eye out for a sleeveless one. That bag is super...and I'd love it even more knowing it was only $1.50. I have a bad habit when being complimented on a piece of clothing...many times I can't help myself from blurting out "And it only cost $2!!" haha People probably think I'm weird. lol It's just thrifter's elation...what can I say.

  3. I had indeed been wondering where you'd been. And your name has been added to daily prayers.

  4. I'm so sorry you're facing such troubles. Lots of positive thoughts coming your way from blogland.

    I love vests, but boy, that jacket looks wonderful as is. I would also hesitate to cut it. I'm wondering, too, if the details on the top of the shoulder might make it look strange as a vest? I may be completely out in left field here, though. Do take care of yourself. You look great, at least!

  5. Oh Tammy, I am so sorry you have had so many challenges these past few months. I shall say a prayer for yo9u and yours.
    I love your outfit just as it is. I think you should leave it with sleeves as I think it will be very useful that way.I really like the epaulets on the shoulders.
    I love the necklace in the inspiration photo.
    Take care and know that I will be thinking of you.

  6. Tammi I'm thinking of you. I'm very sorry to hear of troubles in your life and hope things get sorted out. On a less-important note, I can tell you who that woman is! A blogger whose site is I've seen her on TV in ads for TJ Maxx.

  7. I donot blog but I follow your blog daily What ever is going on I pray for you and your family It will all be okay

  8. You did a good match!! Of course I will pray for you! God bless you, whatever you are going through. x

  9. Tammy I was thinking about you today at work that you haven't been in the blogosphere lately and I was just about to send you a quick e-mail seeing if everything was ok. I'm sorry to hear it's not and my thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family. On the plus side you look absolutely beautiful, great thrifted classic look. xoxox

  10. Sorry to hear about what you are going through Tammy, but I am glad to see you here, I pray that the Lord will see you and your family through your circumstances. Please take care and cling on to the Lord's promises for you. Psalms 46


  11. Tammy, I am so sorry about what you have going on. It has been a rough year for you sister. I am thinking of you and will pray for this situation to have God's hand in it. So sorry. I love your classy. lots of love and prayers, dawn suitcase vignettes xo

  12. My very best wishes that everything that troubles you will be resolved quickly, easily, and well.

    I think you should leave the sleeves on the jacket. It fits you very well. I'm reasoning that you can find another jacket to change into a vest fairly easily because fit is not such an issue when the sleeves are going to be removed. Keep the perfectly fitting jacket intact and keep looking for one that really *wants* to become a vest. That's my advice.

  13. Tammy--just checking in and letting you know that you're in my prayers.

  14. loving the inspiration outfit! what a great choice. you look fabulous. i'm sorry you're going through a rough patch. i will definitely keep you in my prayers. i hope everything turns out all right. i too have been absent just blogging about once a week. i think having 3 kiddos is a bit overwhelming for me but hoping i'll get into my groove soon. take care of yourself.

  15. Hi, my sweets I have missed you and I hope everything gets worked out. Well you look fabulous!

  16. Tammy I realised today that you hadn't come up in my feed for a while so came to check your blog... SO sorry to hear you're having a tough time. I hope everything get sorted out, am thinking of you. Thank you for the kind mention too, it was very brave of you to get this outfit post up whilst you're having a tough time.

    Sending you lots of love sweetie across the pond <3

    Catherine xoxo

  17. YaY! another 40+ blogger!!! Nice to meet Ya!
    A new follower asap!