Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring Green and Everybody Everywhere

Just a quick post to join up with Everybody Everywhere.  Still working with my photo shop lighting and this one isn't working but it's the best I've got to give so deal with it!
This is really what I wore to work today.  This is the first time I've been brave enough to wear my thrifted zebra top.  It's pretty long so I just pulled it up and knotted it!  Added a contrasting print scarf and I was good to go.
The green in me is my trench coat.  A couple of years ago I thought green and neon were going to be a big trend.  Well, I live in Indiana and it always takes 2 years to get  here. The great thing is that when the trend is long gone it's still happening here.  So I guess I get double bang for my buck.
Click on over to Everybody Everywhere and you might be surprised at what you'll find.  Young, Old and a great mix of in between ladies that just plain ass love fashion!

the stats.............
Zebra top $2.50
Jeans Kohls $20.00
Scarf Thrifted for nothing
Coat Thrifted $5.00


  1. Love that zebra print top! The trench is great too. I wore a green trench today but I like the apple green shade of yours! Great price too!

  2. the green trench is perfect. I worry about the trend issue too. I often ponder how long it takes the trends to hit the thrift stores...and then I buy it and style it, and perhaps lie to myself that I'm setting the trend for the next time around. Have you tried the OED setting under Scene Selection on your camera (it's a Sony Cybershot, isn't it). That's what I do when I'm working with less light and don't want a flash.

  3. $5 for that amazing green trench!? What a steal! I was loving at hot pink ones from the Gap yesterday but they were 10x the price of yours (and that's on sale!) You look great in zebra- so funky!

  4. I am seriously in love with that coat!!!

  5. Wow! That green trench coat is fabulous!

  6. you look so sexy in your zebra shirt! and i love that trench!

  7. nice! I like the zebra top, you rock animal prints all the time anyways. And the green coat is just perfect !