Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary to me, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary to Me!!!!!!!

Yep it's  my one year blogiversary!   I thought I would make a little collage.  You know, kind of  like a card to myself.  A walk down memory lane of my first year as a blogger.  So take a peek and laugh along with me at a Year in my Life!

I posted last week on the things I've learned in the last year.  What I didn't post were all of the things I need and want to learn.
Blogging has helped me to put myself out there in a way I never thought possible.  If I post a flop (and there have been many)  I just pick myself up and try to learn from my mistake.  
I do take some risks with my outfit choices.  But hey, sometimes you're the bug and sometimes you're the windshield.  I'm still here so I guess my windshield choices beat the bug choices!!  Please don't ask family, friend's and coworker's for their opinion.  I don't think my heart could take those poll results.

I personally have come a long way as far as techie things go.  I have an I phone  (which was replaced at the Apple store on Sunday and still no connection as of tonight!!!).  Thanks Apple and Verizon for sharing the love!!!!   Sorry for the mini rant over the phone.  It's just so damn frustrating.  I'm currently using some kind of  "rugged construction" phone from work.  Let me tell you it's verrrrrrry stylish!

Here are a few things I am currently trying to master.  
How to sync my blog with my Silverstyle Facebook page and my Google + page?
I get to a certain point and then stumble.  Next thing I know it's off to have fun or get ready for work (and yes I have to much fun and work toooooo much).
How to pin a web picture to a Printerest board?  I have the pin button  but everytime I try to pin from a web page there is a weird pop up. Something like "no pictures can be found".  I keep getting friends and family following me and I have no idea what the hell I'm doing!  How can I have a blog and have no idea how to make printerest work?

What I need is a local young blogger that would be willing to sit with me and help me through these issues.  
(I am a very fast learner............Honest, I really am!)
In exchange for say dinner and a few glasses of wine.

If you are a friend or a new visitor welcome to a year in my life.
Have a glass of wine for me and say a cheer or prayer.......whichever you feel is appropriate to the occasion.

Thank you for following, stopping by or laughing.  Whichever the case may be.


  1. I could help with the Pinterest thing--do you have the little icon in your tool bar? You're supposed to just be able to drag it and drop it. I don't use a cell phone, so I'm in the dark ages there. You've been a great member of the blogging community. Happy blogiversary.

  2. Sister, I can't for the life of me, link my facebook page either! I suck at pinterest as I have one photo pinned by luck and I don't know how I did it but people repinned it and are following me. I need help so bad. Anyway, congrats on your year, you have done an awesome job with your link up. You have great style and such a great sense of humor. Congrats again. Let me know when you figure it out...seriously. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  3. Happy blog anniversary! You have done so well. I think you're more blog savvy than me. My facebook is not even linked to my blog. haha..I think for the pinterrest you have to drag the Pin it icon up to your window bookmarks bar.


  4. Congratulations Tammy! To many more blog posts!

  5. Happy Blogoversary, Tammy! You've done a great job and we all look forward to your posts in the future!! You have much to celebrate...CONGRATULATIONS!!

  6. Happy Blogoversary! I hear you about the damn phone. Mine can only text and call, and half the time it can't even do that. Congrats on your special day!

  7. Yay congrats on your one year Tammy!!! Such a milestone- doesn't time fly? 'my windshield choices beat the bug choices'- haha love it so poetic and oh so true! You are a fashion inspiration and sorry I can't help you with the tech problems- I may be from the techie generation but I'm old school myself! :)

  8. When you find that young blogger can you send them my way afterwards please!
    Happy Blogiversary, I'm really glad I discovered your blog!!

  9. Happy 1 year blog anniversary, Tammy! I love visiting you.
    I know nothing about Pinterest or whatever it is. I've viewed it, but that's it. I'm doing good to be able to get my photos up on my blog. haha
    Clink Clink to your next fantabulous blogging year!

  10. congrats on your blog anniversary! how funny that we started the exact same week! very exciting. you have some amazing style and i love seeing your great bargains. i wish i could help you with the techie stuff but i have to admit i really suck at it and have to pass my computer over to my hubby all the time to do it for me :)

  11. Happy Anniversary!!!!

  12. Your blog is relatively new to me, just found it about a month ago, and I love it!! I think you always look great! As a fellow ahem..over 40ish person who loves fashion and doesn't want to look dowdy, I admire your choices and think you get it right more often than not! Keep on bloggin!