Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day Late and a Snowflake Short

This picture was taken the day after Christmas.  Look around do you see a snowflake?  
Nope, not one damn snowflake on Christmas in the Chicago area.  Actually take another look do you see a coat?  Gloves? 
This morning I looked out the window and it is a mini winter wonderland.  Just enough snow to  cover the branches and ground.  What's the point of snow now?  
I'm wearing my new furry vest I gifted myself (the best kind of gift)  Isn't it cute?  
One of the things I have learned through blogging is to use the pictures as a what was I thinking meter.
So this is what the meter told me about this outfit.
Vest, turtleneck, jewelry and scarf get a hi score.  Boyfriend jeans fell off the chart.  I'm just not made to wear these.  I think they make me look fat and frumpy (Do these pants make my butt look fat?)
If you ask to ask that dreaded question then you already know the answer!

If you have time please stop by my link up Trending Through the Decades: Christmas Style.  It's a link where you can show how your age decade styles a current trend.,  This week its about Christmas style.
All that I ask is that you put your age decade next to your name and link by to my site so other fashionista's know where to find us!

Headed off to my favorite thrift store today.  It's 50% off day and there just might be a treasure waiting for me.  If I'm lucky maybe something great enough to show you too!


  1. That vest you gifted yourself is fabulous, Tammy - in fact, your whole look is Holiday-wonderful. Sorry the snow was a day late : >

  2. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas too, my ALWAYS gorgeous Tammy.

  3. Tammy, I don't think you look frumpy at all. I think that you have gotten accustomed to seeing yourself in darker denim and the lighter ones just look different. I know that has happened to me. The vest is so cool and looks great on you.

  4. Hello my dear fabulous Tammy ! The vest looks gorgeous on you. Haha... I feel like I am playing hide and seek with you. I have been trying to get your address to send you the pair of Landmark movie tickets. You are the winner!!!!! Free movie tickets!!!! Pleeease send me your address soooon! mongshan@gmail.com


  5. I completely agree- I love gifting myself presents! :) Such a cute vest and I'm now linking up my Christmas style!

  6. Hi my girl, I was so pleased and flattered to read what you said about you being encouraged by me. I had no idea about that, I just knew that you were funny! I found out later how stylish and sophisticated you are. Happy New Year Tammy. It has been a good year knowing you. Looking forward to another one full of link ups and fabulous fashion. Lots of love, Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo I will email you my address...I WANT THE SKIRT. Thank you so much!!!!