Monday, September 26, 2011

Linking up and a Trending Through the Decades Update

I just want to thank all of you that participated in Trending through the Decades:  Polka Dots   If you haven't stopped over to join the fun it goes through Wednesday evening.
I can't decide what this weeks trend will be.  I'm leaning towards lace or leopard print (it just won't go away)
Let me know what your thoughts are.  I was also thinking maybe I should narrow the window down.  I think a week is to long.  I didn't want to post while it was going on and I've always got a lot to say.
Here is my take on polka dots.

I am linking up with those two adorable Birds for inspiration Monday.  Also linking up with Patti at Not Dead Yet Style
Both link ups are a lot of fun and you should pop over and give them a whirl

As usual I'm pooped out tonight.  That is my usual Monday evening feeling.  I think I am coming to the conclusion that the Man and I have to much fun and then pay for it on Monday's.  
We went to the lake.  Before we know it it'll be cold and snowy.  We still go during the winter, but not so often.
Our weekend adventure was a wonderful rib cook off.  It was held in the home of a local artist right on the lake, beach included............Note to self.  Never wear heels on the beach again!
I'll put a couple of pics at the bottom of the post.  Just because it's fun and I'm sure you really don't care.

My inspiration.  The lovely Ali Larten

Me, being me.  Shhhh!  100% thrifted

The Man, two of the coolest people and me!

More fun people!


  1. Tammy, I am loving the idea of leopard or lace. Your outfit is so pretty, love the feminine touches with your necklace and scarf. Very nicely done. Your jeans look awesome on you! What a great fit. Oh, you are having way too much fun...I envy your weekends!!! Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  2. your outfit is so similar and perfect! love the pearls and ... is that a scarf instead of a cardigan? the color is gorgeous with your skin tone

  3. you look absolutely glamorous! The scarf and necklace are fabulous accessories. Looks like a wonderful weekend you had. Leopard or lace are both great ideas. I have a lot of lace but zero on leopard. Ha! somehow I don't find any leopard stuff at the thrift store. Okay! I will check out the store tomorrow.


  4. I could do leopard and lace! Your outfit is beautiful as usual. I think it is wonderful that you and the man have such fun. My life is quite boring by comparison. Live it up while you can!

  5. You look great, Tammy, and so happy. Great take on the Inspiration photo, too. I don't have much lace or leopard, but you know I will come up with something. Thanks for participating in Visible Monday!

  6. Great simple look.

    Love from Oregon USA,

    an evening at the symphony

  7. I LOVE the army green polka dotted cardigan- very funky! Beautiful interpretation of Ali's look-the long scarf is so beautiful! Oooohh I think leopard print- I am a huge fan and already have an outfit in mind!

  8. That last comment was about your ali larter, I just wanted to stop by again and tell you how much I love your polka dot cardigan...fabulous with the scarf. Love the color. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  9. Hi Tammy, I thought I would put my two cents in. I love the idea of animal print for next week...I have loads of leopard and zebra. Personally, I like the link being open all week because I am just now getting ready to post my polka dots. Just because the link is open doesn't mean you can't post because Megan and Nora leave their link open and still do new posts so maybe that would work for you. I definitely like to hear what you have to say. ;) Debbie

  10. i love your polka dot cardi in #1 and your amazing necklace in #2!

  11. i love your polka dots and it looks great with the scarf!

  12. OMG! Do leopard! I can do that one!