Friday, July 15, 2011

Eclectic Prints and Thrifting for Style

This is a double duty post.  I'm linking up with for Thursdays are for thrifters and Megan Mae /Casual Chic Kiki for Eclectic Prints day (I love when a day is named for an outfit).
In my world everyday is for thrifters.  I rarely feel the need to shop retail.  I'm so die hard that most of the time I won't even go to G.W unless it's 50% off day.
It isn't that I don't have the money, I just hate wasting my hard earned cash on cheaply made clothes.  I can find much better quality and things that are unique (can you say 60's print poncho?) thrifting.
Word of caution.  Sucking your belly in doesn't help when you are wearing a poncho and there is a breeze!
I'm sure my style isn't for everybody..........But that's how I roll!
So thrift on my little Silverstyle ladies, and just be the best you can be.

My outfit
Poncho        G.W.  2.50
Crops          G.W   2.50
Shoes          G.W.  2.0


  1. Oh it's BEAUTIFUL!!! Isn't that the great thing about style? Is's individual. i read a quote by a woman on Advanced Style...."Fashion says, 'Me too' Style says, 'Only me!'" I love that! Weekend hugs! Serene

  2. That is a grand outfit. I love the colors and you look cool and elegant.

  3. I absolutely love this poncho!

  4. Great poncho and yah for thrifting! I LOVE thrifting too. You can find such great deals and pieces at the thrift stores.

  5. Love this print! Such pretty colors.

  6. Great Printed Poncho!

    As a lover of thrifting, I can't afford retail prices for clothes that won't last. And recently can't afford the 'discount' type stores. So Goodwill is my main clothing store. I never feel like I'm missing out because I have a million different stores at my finger tips, plus vintage pieces sprinkled in. It's like a big treasure hunt.

  7. this outfit cost almost next to nothing! Well done, the poncho is gorgeous! 50% at Goodwill is fantastic~


  8. It's a glorious poncho! And the price of the outfit is right!!