Thursday, April 28, 2011

Little Cabin here we come

One of my great loves is our little log cabin.  It's located 70 miles from our home on a little lake in Indiana.
We are going there this weekend.  I have some plant seeds to get in the ground and friends to see.

I  yearn for summer.  To be on the boat or in my favorite floaty chair.
Everything seems so simple in that tiny little town.  My sunglasses are my lake makeup and my bathing suit and wrap are the only fashion choices I have to make.  
Bring it on summer!!!!!!!!!!
Be back for Two Birds post on Monday!
Here are a couple of pics..........I love that place!


  1. I love your little cabin! You make it sound so relaxing. You have a wonderful weekend. I think I'm jealous... Looking forward to seeing you on Monday. I do not have jeans like that unless some sort of miraculous shopping occurs this weekend.

  2. OMG that cabin is so cute!
    thansk for reminding me of the 2 birds post--I have a lot of high waist stuff--I just dont know what one to do!