Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trending Through the Decades: Christmas Style


Welcome to the 12th. Trending edition.  This is a link up where you can show how your age decade styles a current style trend.
This week it's all about Christmas.  How do you style yourself for the holiday of the year?
Do you go to a glamorous cocktail party?  Or is your style classic or just plain comfy?
Link up and show all of us how you style Christmas.

I had to redo this post seems I did something hinkey and the comments weren't working.  Hope this one works 'cause it's all I've got in me this week.

I know we are all extremely busy this time of year, myself included.  This afternoon I'm off to my Aunt's house where all of my Aunts, Uncles and cousins will pile in for our family celebration.  After that My Mom and nephews will come back to my house and we will have another celebration for our immediate family.
So lots to do and as usual never enough time.  I really think Santa should give all of us an Elf  for a couple of weeks to help get everything done without feeling like you are about to have a come-apart!  I still have to do some shopping, go to the grocery and make my dishes I am taking.....
Worried????????????  Never, not me!

So Merry Christmas my Blogging Buddies!  May all of your Christmas be bright!


  1. Why has it chopped my head off!!!!!

  2. thanks for hosting! i found a great reindeer/argyle sweater the other day and in the checkout line convinced myself i didn't need to spend the money on it :( it looked a lot like the one from your polyvore!